Live drawing: Albert tekent een uniek symposium

Unfolding Human Potential

Tijdens het tweedaagse symposium ‘Unfolding Human Potential’ spraken onderwijsbetrokkenen uit de hele wereld over de fundamenten van goed onderwijs. Albert was erbij en tekende live een verslag van alle sessies, waarin telkens een andere vraag (of urgentie) centraal stond:

1• How do we perceive children’s well-being as they grow up andtake responsibility, and what qualities of interactions are important to guide the development of children?

2• What does it ask from professionals in educationto guide our children’s development within educational institutions and how should they prepare professionally for this? How do they perceive their responsibility?

3• How should we, starting from the assumptions we have formulated earlier with regard to the quality of interaction that is needed in the school and about what is asked of professionals, understand the school as an organisation, and how should we perceive educational leadership?

4• Given the growing influence of social and educational sciences on current practice in schools and teacher education, what do we perceive as relevant knowledge, that can beoffered to the daily realities encountered in the educational world, for teachers as actors and as professionals who strive to improve themselves? What are the most fruitful ways in which this knowledge can be ‘created’ or arrived at?

5• Bringing it all together …